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Commercial Aviation

Cambrai Covers have been providing ground support covers for Corporate and Commercial aircraft from our UK facility since 1979, providing maximum protection for valuable Engine and Airframe assets…

Designed and Manufactured to Aviation Quality Standards

Aerospace Approved Fabrics and Hardware

Fabrics Tested in Extreme Environments

Proven in Active Service…

  • They will protect from Sun, Sand, Wind, Rain, Snow and Ice.
  • No special equipment is required to fit or remove Cambrai Covers
  • Reduce or remove environment-related servicability issues during lay-over or storage
  • Inspection access provided without the need to open the cover, so controlling internal humidity
  • All straps and buckles can be replaced ‘in the field’ with the service kits available
  • Breathable Covers are intended to let the engines and airframe be gently ventilated without allowing movement of rotating elements.
  • 100% waterproof covers are designed and manufactured to be used in conjunction with humidity control and Corrosion Inhibition Systems.