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Cover Refurbishment

Cambrai Covers Refurbishment Service

Living out in the weather…inevitably the time will come when your Cambrai Cover is looking slightly less than beautiful. As the original makers of your cover we are ideally placed to return your cover to a good operational condition.

The next best thing to a new cover is a Cambrai Refurbishment.

Although your cover might still show residual stains, scuffing and slight long term fading of the fabric, a Cambrai Refurbishment will return the structural integrity and water-repellency to a very good standard, potentially adding years to the life of your cover…

Please take the time to read this important information:

1. Due to the wide range of cover conditions that we encounter, we will need to assess the condition of your cover before refurbishment. We can make an initial assessment by telephone, followed by an inspection when the cover arrives at our workshop. We will then contact you to discuss the most cost effective options.

2. Covers can only be re-sewn once, therefore if the original sewing can be kept in good condition for as long as possible the life of the cover will be further extended.

3. If a cover has been refurbished already or work has been carried out on the cover by someone other than ourselves we will have to inspect the cover before we can provide an assessment of work required and cost.

4. We recommend a Type 1 Wash and Re-Proof at 2 to 3 years old, followed by a Type 2 Full Refurbishment at 4 to 5 years old. Ideally you should budget to replace your Cambrai Cover after 7 or 8 years… read on for more details…

The prices shown below represent the typical condition of covers we receive for refurbishment and should be taken as a guide to the likely cost. We will always contact you with a quotation before work is carried out…

Type 1: Check, Wash and Re-Proof: Average Cockpit & Cowling Covers – Average cost – £165.00

Suitable for covers that are made to our current specification, this process will thoroughly clean the cover of all but the worst oil stains and will return the water proofing to as-new standard.

The service includes:

1) Check the cover for problems. We will carry our small repairs, and we will contact you if more significant repairs are required.
2) Deep Clean Process.
3) Re-Waterproof Process.

Type 2: The Full Refurbishment with Deep Clean Process – Average Cockpit & Cowling Covers – Average cost – £295.00 – £350.00

For covers that are older and are showing signs of wear and tear, and especially in cases where the stitching is starting to fail, a full refurbishment can bring the cover back to a clean and very serviceable standard.

We will need you to send your cover into our workshop for assessment. Here is the address:

St. Mary's, Back Street, Langtoft, East Yorkshire YO25 3TD

The process includes:

1) Deep clean process.
2) Repair and re-stitch of all seams and damage.
3) Buckles, straps and edge tapes are replaced where required.
4) 'Snoods' for aerials and other probes are replaced if worn or damaged.
5) OAT probe socks are upgraded to our new standard.
6) The cover is then re-waterproofed.
7) Faded stenciling is re-done and new Cambrai labels are fitted if required.
8) The cover is then fully quality checked and given 12 months warranty.

Please Note: If we feel that you cover cannot be refurbished we will advise you accordingly and you should consider purchasing a new cover.

If you decide to have the cover repaired anyway this might incur higher costs . In this case we would not be able to provide any warranty.

The above prices do not include VAT or carriage.

We can also provide the following items:

A. Additional 'Hat' fitted to cover – £25.00.

B. Holdall for cover storage. Designed and made by Cambrai Covers specifically for cover storage. Red heavy weight waterproof fabric with strong zip closure. Medium (for cockpit & Cowling covers) – £28.00. Large – £32.00

C. Strap Weight ('Beanie') Bags – set of 4 with storage pouch on cover – £25.00. These assist in fitting your cover in windy conditions.

D. If you wish to re-proof covers yourself Fabsil is available at £20.00 inc. VAT + Carriage.

What do the covers look like after refurbishment? Take a look! Luscombe 8A Refurbishment

To Book a Refurbishment please send your cover back with a completed refurbishment order form which is available on the Ordering page.