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Military Aviation

 Typhoon Canopy Covers

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Military operations – demanding on both personnel and equipment – require rapid deployment into often environmentally hostile situations with minimal crew and ground support equipment…

the last thing anyone needs is equipment has become serviceable due to lack of protection…

It is equally frustrating to find that the protection available is inadequate or so complex to use that crews simply don’t have the time to deploy… That’s where Cambrai Covers step in…

At our UK facility we have design, prototype and manufacturing capabilities to fulfill bespoke protective cover requirements at short notice… whether a single cover or a production quantity is required…

 Typhoon Thermal Protective Wing Tip Pod cover

Typhoon WTP Cover web1

Designed and manufactured to meet the rigorous standards required forfront-line military aircraft, ancilliary equipment and Ground Support Equipment, these covers will provide:


Protection from Sun, Sand, Wind, Rain, Snow and Ice.

Fast Deployment – Typical Canopy Cover circa 7min by single operative

Fitting and Removal without any special tools or equipment

Minimum pack size to aid shipping

Field-serviceable attachments – replaced with the service kits available.


“Just had feedback on 4 of the covers that are being used in the American desert with the Typhoons at the moment with one of our Squadrons… The feedback is fantastic. The aircraft spent the first 4 weeks in the open desert with temperatures hitting 40 degrees +. They were keeping the covers fitted until crew-in to dramatically reduce cockpit and avionic static temperatures. I think these covers have been a great success and are keeping our aircraft flying.”

Chief Engineer, RAF.

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